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Pipe Cutters are the perfect pipe accessory to have on hand in any natural gas plumbing installation. From simple shears to ratcheting cutters, cutting pipe has never been easier!


2" PE Ratchet Shears

  • Capacity - 2" nom. IPS (2.4" actual O.D.) Ratchet shears with hardened steel blades are ideal for cutting PVC, PE, PP, PEX, and ABS pipe. Due to the long handles and leverage of the RS2, it is good for cutting CPVC up to 2". The two-hand RS2 features 2” capacity, extra wide, v-style jaws for easy alignment, and long handles for leverage on tough-to-cut pipe. All ratchet shears’ blades can be easily sharpened or replaced, enhancing performance and saving money. These tools are not disposable and perform better, longer, and for less money over the tool’s lifetime. Weight12.00 lbs
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